Dimming LED lights can be challenging

Lutron Maestro style dimmer
Lutron Maestro style dimmer LED lights are wonderful. They offer the most energy savings and the promise to last for years. As the quality of lights improves and more people switch to LED lighting however, they are encountering an annoying side-effect: their old dimmer might not be compatible with the new LED bulbs or fixture they installed. The complaints we have heard are many: Lights start flickering when they are dimmed down, don't turn off all the way when the switch is off, buzzi...

Lutron’s Caséta Wireless packs a punch

Caseta family
Lutron has always been the leader in professionally installed and programmed whole home lighting systems with their high end Radio Ra2 and Homeworks QS systems, but in recent years, their app based Lighting automation systems have made great strides in bringing the same powerful and reliable lighting automation to all consumers. What sets Caseta apart from their higher end systems is that it is completely app based. Once the devices are installed, the consumer can do all the programming ...