Vantage Lighting Controls

Vantage Kaypad
Vantage keypads can let you control your entire house with a push of a button.

If you can imagine it, it can be done with a Vantage Infusion system. With a Vantage System, lighting scenes can be programmed into stylish keypads, touchscreens, or smartphone apps and automate all aspects of lighting including natural light. Pushing one button in the morning can fade on your bedroom lights, open up the window shades, and light a path to the kitchen. At dusk, all landscape lights can be programmed to come on using the built in astronomical clock. When you go to bed at night you can be sure that all lights in the house are turned on except for what you choose at a push of a button.

While the Vantage Infusion system offers a powerful back-end with the Infusion processor, and various power modules to dim and control every type of lighting in the market, the thing that you will notice is the lack of wall clutter. Instead of having rows of switches, with a Vantage system, all you will see on your walls is a beautiful keypad or touchscreen that can control one light or every light in your home.

Complete Home Automation

A system from Vantage Controls is not limited to controlling only lighting. Vantage systems can be integrated to work with most aspects of your home including to but not limited to audio/video, air conditioning, security system, sprinkler system, shades, motion sensors, timers.

Equinox40-JukeboxAll your audio/video controls can be tied into the Vantage system so that you can have a total home theater experience. At the push of a button you can turn on your movie, dim the lights, lower the shades and sit back and enjoy your movie. Vantage is compatible with the most popular audio/video equipment in the market and be integrated to either control your equipment or be controlled by other audio/video equipment. Light-Tech Inc. would be glad to work with your existing Audio/Video provider for such integration.

All security lights in the house can be programmed to turn on by timer or motion sensors. If you hear a sound at night, you can push one button by your bedside to turn on all outside lights or flash all the lights in the house in a “panic” mode in case the security system is triggered. While on vacation, all the visible lights can be programmed to play back the recorded lighting changes throughout the week to give the house a live-in look. The lighting in your house along with other integrated equipment can also be checked and controlled from the internet while on vacation.

Why Choose Light-Tech Inc.?

We are perhaps Houston and Sugar Land area’s only electrical contractor that is a certified factory trained and dealer for both the legacy Vantage Q-Link system as well as the new cutting edge Infusion system. We have our own in-house Vantage designer, installer, and programmer. As with all our technicians, our Vantage team is only comprised of licensed electricians who understand electrical code and are familiar with all the various aspects of lighting from landscape lighting to LED under-counter lights. Most other dealers who work with home automation are audio/video companies, not familiar with NEC code and various types of lighting.   By law, only a licensed electrical contractor can work on electrical wiring so audio/video companies have to contract out their electrical work to another electrician who likely doesn’t have the first clue about lighting systems. Not surprisingly, many of the Vantage Systems we service were installed by companies who have long been out of business.  Light-Tech inc. is a licensed electrical contractor in Texas and does the design, low voltage wiring, high voltage wiring, installation, and programming in house.

Vantage PanelsFrom the beginning, Light-Tech Inc. wanted to set itself apart from the rest and saw that the future in electrical and lighting was smart homes and we have invested a great deal of resources in choosing the best systems for our customers and investing the resources to be able to deliver those to our customers. If you are building a new house and thinking of adding home and lighting automation, call us today so we can consult you about what a Vantage System can do for you. New Construction is the best time to pre-wire for home automation. If you have an existing Vantage system and need service, programming changes, or to upgrade your existing Q-Link system to the new Infusion System, call us today as well. Even if the company who originally installed your system is nowhere to be found, we can extract the programming access your system. Do not let anybody who is not a factory authorized dealer to touch your Vantage system.