Factory Certified and Authorized Dealer

When you call Light-Tech Inc. for your lighting and electrical needs, you can be rest assured that licensed electricians will perform the work, but did you also know that Light-Tech Inc. is factory certified and/or an authorized dealer by several popular electrical and lighting manufacturers?

Light-Tech Inc. is proud to be a certified and authorized dealer for Lighting Automation Vantage Controls' Infusion products; factory certified preferred installer for Lutron Radio Ra, Radio Ra2, and Homeworks; authorized dealer and installer for Wendelighting frame projectors; and factory authorized installer of Sharp Solar panels.


Vantage Controls Home Automation

electrician working Vantage Controls is the world leader in Home Automation products. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage Controls designs and manufactures stylish keypads to replace old-fashioned light switches, along with computerized control and dimming systems using conditional logic to automate lights, fans, pumps, thermostats, audio/video equipment, sprinklers, motorized drapes/blinds/doors and more. Replace rows of ugly switches with stylish keypads and touch screens.

Light-Tech Inc. is one of few Vantage dealers in the Houston area which is an Electrical Contractor and is factory certified in the programming and installation of both the legacy QLink and the new Vantage Infusion systems. Ask us how we can add lighting automation to the design of your new construction or home remodeling, retrofit of your existing home, upgrading the programming of your exiting system, or upgrading the processor of your older system.

Wendlighting framing projectors

electrician workingWendelighting framing projectors are the leader in fine art lighting. Surface mounted, or recessed, Wendel Optical Contour Projectors illuminate objects with remarkable precision. With wendel projectors, templates are custom cut specifically for your artwork so that only the art work is illuminated and is the focus. Don't accept inferior imitation projectors which use underpowered low voltage lights that are barely visible. Call us today to install or readjust your Wendelighting projector. Click on the link below for complete details.

Lutron Lighting Controls

electrician workingLight-Tech Inc. is factory trained and preferred installer of Lutron Radio-RA, Radio-RA2, Lighting systems and many other Lutron dimmers and whole house and room dimming systems. Lutron is the most respected name in dimmers and lighting controls with many choices between colors and styles. Lutron has many energy saving products from whole home controls to single room occupancy sensors and remote control dimmers.

Call us today if you have an existing Lutron system in your home that needs reprogramming or service.

Techlight Landscape fixtures

electrician workingLight-Tech Inc. now offers a full line of beautiful, Made in Texas landscape fixtures from Techlight. Techlight landscape lighting is made from die cast aluminum, solid copper, or brass fixtures that are built to withstand the harsh Texas weather and provide your home's exterior with beautiful lighting for years to come. There are many choices in styles from line voltage R series to low voltage MR-16, under water lights, and the newest generation of energy efficient and long lasting LED lighting fixtures.

Our expertise in installation of landscape fixtures and Techlight's high quality fixtures are a great fit and we are very proud to offer Techlight fixtures to our customers.

Sharp Solar Panels

electrician workingLight-Tech Inc. is a factory certified independent installer of Sharp solar panels. Sharp began commercial solar sales in 1963. Since then, Sharp has been a leader in the solar electric industry with efficient, affordable systems. From the world’s first solar-powered calculator to solar-powered residential and commercial applications, Sharp powers more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world. Solar electricity is quickly becoming the energy option of choice for many Americans. The advantages for you, your family and the environment are compelling and easy to understand. And with Sharp’s help, having a solar electric system installed on your home has never been easier.

The technology is here today. Call us today and find out how Sharp solar panels can provide you with monthly savings off your electrical bill and hedge against rate increases.