Chandelier Installation

ChandelierChandelier installation is not for the faint of heart, but at Light-Tech Inc, we have installed countless new and antique chandeliers and do it safely. Whether it’s a Wrought Iron or a Murano Crystal Chandelier, we have the expertise to install it safely. Before installing any chandelier, we check to ensure that the electrical box can handle the weight and if there is no box available, we can wire for a new one.

Chandelier Moving

Before you move, call Light-Tech Inc. and arrange for us to disconnect, package, crate, move, and re-install your precious family chandelier to your new home. We have transported and installed countless number chandeliers in the Houston area and work with you to protect your family heirloom or your new purchases. It is no wonder that Houston’s top moving companies refer and recommend us to their customers.

Chandelier Lift Installation

If chandelier cleaning and maintenance is a chore, installing a chandelier lift is the perfect solution. Our chandelier lift installers will install a lift that will safely lower and raise a chandelier so it can be cleaned, re-lamped, or otherwise maintained. Call us today if you need a chandelier lift installation.