Electrical Service Calls

Our vans are supplied to limit return trips.
Our vans are supplied to limit return trips.

What sets our electricians apart from other electrical contractors is in addition to being experienced electricians, we care for and respect your property. Before we start any job inside your home, we cover the work area with drop cloths and if there will be dust emitted, cover your furniture. When you call Light-Tech Inc, you can be sure that a fully licensed electrician and helper who has passed a criminal background check will be at your home to troubleshoot and repair the problem. Our employees are courteous, uniformed, and on time. Our vans are stocked with the latest diagnostic tools and many specialty parts and light bulbs in order to minimize the need to make a second trip for supplies.



Flood Damage Electrical Inspection

Flooded floor plug
Flooded Floor plug

If your home has been flooded by Houston’s storms and your electrical outlets and other equipment have been submerged in water, there could be a potentially hazardous condition present that should be inspected by a licensed electrician.  Please call us today for an inspection of water damaged wiring and devices and removal of shock hazards.  Keep in mind that traditional breakers will not necessarily trip even when outlets are submerged in water and can very well be energized.  The floor plug in the photo was submerged in 3 feet of water for a few days and was still live.  We are also happy to help you make all other electrical repairs caused by the floods and rebuild your home.


Home and Office Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plan will keep your house running and help prevent major issues.

Modern homes and offices have complicated lighting and electrical maintenance needs. Lighting comes in many varieties, voltages, wattages, and angles. Let us handle all your home and office lighting and electrical maintenance needs. We can provide you with scheduled monthly visits to replaced burnt out lights or sockets, non-functioning ballasts and emergency backup lights, occupancy sensors, dimmers, switches, outlets, as well as any other electrical repairs.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

We realize that choosing an electrical contractor is a stressful experience. You might be interested in knowing that our business thrives almost exclusively on word of mouth advertising and repeat customers. This is not by accident. We pride ourselves in making our customers’ needs our first priority. While we strive to meet your electrical needs of today, we also invest a great deal in staying up to date for the latest trends of electrical and lighting along with green solutions.