Fine Art Lighting

MR-16 recessed lights used to illuminate paintings
MR-16 recessed lights used to illuminate paintings

When it comes to art lighting installation, we have a variety of options to fit your taste and budget. Depending on your art work or sculpture, we can use a variety of light fixtures to create the perfect look. Cabinet lighting One of our favorite methods for illuminating art is using angled accent lights using low voltage MR-16 lamps which allow us to use different beam angles to match your art work. With these fixtures, we also have the option to use soft focus or elongation lenses to further customize the lighting to your work. We also use different varieties of xenon lamps, puck lights and a variety diffusing lenses in order to create the best look for your home. Accent lighting is not as precise as using a framing projector since it does not contour to your art work; however, in our expert hands, we can adjust the light beam to customize the light to match the piece you want to illuminate very beautifully at a very affordable price. As LED MR-16 lamps continue to improve in lighting quality, we are also going to use them for various applications as well.

Wendelighting Framing Projectors

Frame Projector
Each of these pieces of art work has its own template aperture.

fine_art_thumbAs good as accent lighting is, for art work that deserves the best, we offer Wendelighting’s newest Wenlux framing projectors. We are an authorized seller of these beautiful projectors which can be installed in a recessed housing or canopy mount. ¬†Unlike acceent lighting where we can very close to covering the painting, with Wendelighting projectors, we can illuminate the painting and only the painting and make it stand out in the room. We also are able to service, relamp, or readjust your existing Wendelighting or other projectors. These projectors are highly specialized and without proper knowledge of how to service them, it’s very easy to damage the adjustment on them. We have many years of experience and the proper parts to work on them. A few Notes about projectors: Notes:

  • If object(s) to be illuminated has reflective surface, the project light source(s) will be visible on the surface. Furthermore, the surface will reflect the same surface pattern that will be visible on the floor below (art lighting) or ceiling above table.
  • There is a possibility that the existing construction might not accommodate the projector (s) due to vertical clearances, joist spacing, and/or other obstructions.
  • The light confinement(s) will have a blue edge along their perimeters.
  • If art is glossy, glare on art will be visible.
  • Deep frames may cast shadow onto artwork.
  • The light confinement(s) cannot stop exactly on an edge. Either darkness will exist on the art or spill light will exist onto the frame or adjacent wall.
  • Single projector installed off center of art will result in brighter illumination on off center side.
  • Top of art will be brighter than bottom and is more evident on tall paintings.
  • Light confinement plates can slip.
  • Wendel projectors are not Air Tight Rated.
  • Wendelighting recessed projectors are non-IC rated, insulation must be kept away from fixture.