Lutron Electronics, Inc.

Lutron App
With the Lutron Home App, you can control your lights, shades, and thermostats.

Lutron is the most respected name in light control. For decades, Lutron has produced the finest and most reliable dimmers in the world, but they also produced the first reliable wireless dimming system in the classic Radio Ra system and many of the finest homes in the US have been using Lutron Homeworks whole home dimming systems long before the advent of smart phones. We at Light-Tech Inc., believe so much in Lutron’s products that we have invested a great deal of resources in being factory trained in not only their latest products, but also legacy systems. Few other electrical contractors in Texas, much less Houston can claim that.

At Light-Tech Inc., we embraced light controls from the start.  We have been servicing classic Radio Ra and Lutron Homeworks and Homeworks Wireless for over a decade.  We also are fully certified in designing, installing, and programming Lutron Homeworks QS, Radio-ra 2 wireless, and the new affordable and simple Lutron Caseta and Ra2 Select.   Using Lutron’s products, we have a lighting controls solution for every need and budget.

Product Overview:


When it comes to color, style, and performance, Lutron is second to none. Lutron’s home automation products are now available to every home.  Lutron offers several products for every budget and need.  For those starting out in automation and only have a few rooms, the new Caseta Wireless system is perfect. It is a powerful cloud based system that integrates well with many internet of things devices and user programmable.  Using the Caseta system, you can control your lights, temperature, and shades from anywhere in the world using your smart phone.   If you are looking for a whole home wireless solution, the Lutron Radio-Ra2 Wireless system can control every aspect of your home’s lighting, temperature, and shades using stylish keypads on the walls as well as via the Smart Phone and tablet apps.   For a complete home wireless or wired lighting automation system which offers advanced programming such as vacation mode and conditional logic, Lutron’s flagship Homeworks QS system is the perfect solution.   Of course, Light-Tech Inc. is factory trained in all of these products.

Why Choose Light-Tech Inc.?

Why choose us for your Lutron lighting automation installation over audio/video companies? Unlike audio-video companies who have to subcontract the installation of Lutron’s devices, we are licensed electricians and will offer you a one stop solution from design, installation, and programming. Being electricians, we are familiar with the various types of lighting and transformers and the correct devices that required for those devices. Unlike other electricians, we also have the factory training to work with Lutron systems. Of course, we would be happy to work with your audio/video company for integration with your other systems.