Lutron’s Caséta Wireless packs a punch

Caseta family

Lutron has always been the leader in professionally installed and programmed whole home lighting systems with their high end Radio Ra2 and Homeworks QS systems, but in recent years, their app based Lighting automation systems have made great strides in bringing the same powerful and reliable lighting automation to all consumers.

What sets Caseta apart from their higher end systems is that it is completely app based. Once the devices are installed, the consumer can do all the programming without the need for a dealer to use specialized software to create and edit lighting scenes. Caseta is also more affordable than its higher end siblings which makes it attractive to consumers who otherwise wouldn’t have access to automation.

So is Caseta the right system for you? Perhaps, but there are some things to consider first to make sure it meets your needs and you will not outgrow it. The system has a hard limit of 75 device (increased from 50) and all devices have to be within 30 feet of the bridge. An extender can be used to add an extra 30 feet but after that, there is no room to expand the system without having to completely replace all parts. The new Ra2 Select line which is similar to Caseta might be the better system or you might need a full blown Radio Ra2 or HWQS system after all. Because of this, it is essential to carefully design your system before jumping in head first and Light-Tech Inc. would be happy to walk you through this.

At Light-Tech Inc, we are electricians first and foremost and are certified with all of Lutron’s residential systems and have been at the forefront of lighting automation in Houston since the early 2000’s with Lutron, Vantage, and other systems. We have seen it all and know the best way to design a system to meet each customer’s needs and will be happy to get you started with the perfect system for you. It could be that Caseta is the perfect system for you or it could be that your house is too large and your needs may require a higher end system like Radio Ra2. Our goal is to pick the right system for you.

Once it is determined that Caseta is the right system for you, we will help you go over which areas will be on the system and choose the correct dimmers and switches to match your light fixtures, correct lighting types, and wattage requirements. LED lights in particular need to have the right dimmer to work correctly and we often see issues with this by other installers.

Once we choose the correct devices, our licensed electricians will do the installations and test everything. We will walk you through the app and set up your house on your mobile devices and set up some scenes for you on the app and answer any questions you might have. With the app set up, you will have everything you need in your hands, but we will still be here to help you.