Fine Art Lighting

MR-16 recessed lights used to illuminate paintings
MR-16 recessed lights used to illuminate paintings

When it comes to art lighting installation, we are the experts in Houston. We have a variety of options to fit your taste and budget. Depending on your art work or sculpture, we can use a variety of light fixtures to create the perfect look. Cabinet lighting One of our favorite methods for illuminating art is using angled accent lights using low voltage MR-16 lamps which allow us to use different beam angles to match your art work. With these fixtures, we also have the option to use soft focus or elongation lenses to further customize the lighting to your work. We also use different varieties of xenon lamps, puck lights and a variety diffusing lenses in order to create the best look for your home. We can adjust the light beam to customize the light to match the piece you want to illuminate very beautifully at a very affordable price. As LED MR-16 lamps continue to improve in lighting quality, we are also going to use them for various applications as well.

The next generation of art lighting

display lighting
Display lighting using LED lights

At Light-Tech Inc we are always investing in the newest lighting technology. We were one of the only electrical contractors to furnish and service framing projectors and we have invested in LED lighting from the beginning. Unlike with general lighting, art lighting with LEDs has been more challenging because accurate color rendering of art work is very important and due to the lower CRI of LED lighting, halogen art lights are still he best choice for illuminating artwork.

Due to the current generation of high CRI LEDs, and in particular high R9 values- the ability to accurately reproduce red colors, we are finding more and more applications for using LEDs in artwork and will continue to do so as the light quality of LEDs improves. We keep up with the technology so you don’t have to. Call us today to install your art lighting in the Houston area and prepare to be amazed at how beautiful your artwork will look.