Landscape Lighting Installation & Services

Light-Tech Inc. is Houston’s premier landscape lighting installer and can add beauty and provide security to the outside of your home by lighting up your porch, front yard, flower garden, trees, back yard, street, stairway, walkway, and parking lot. We are electricians and  experts at designing and installing motion sensor or timer controlled security lights, floodlights, up-lights, moon-lights, spot-lights, and low voltage lighting.  Let our Experts custom design and install the perfect combination of landscape lighting to make your house stand out in your neighborhood just as we have for countless number of other fine homes in Houston and surrounding areas!

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

low voltage led landscape lighting
Low voltage LED landscape lights are versatile and beautiful

Low voltage landscape lighting is a beautiful, flexible, and cost effective way to add illumination to your landscaping, pathway, or outside walls of your house.   You can choose between pathway lights, up lights, down lights, submersible lights, accent lights, or any combination of the mentioned. The possibilities are endless with low voltage LED lights. We only choose the highest quality fixtures from cast brass, aluminum, or our favorite – solid copper fixtures which weather nicely for our landscape lighting installations. Low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures that require a 12 volt transformer to feed the individual lights. Because these lights are powered by low voltage lighting, wires can safely used in places where lighting is not possible with traditional line voltage lighting and tend to use less power than their line voltage counterparts.

 LED landscape retrofit

landscapeFor many years, Mercury Vapor lighting was the standard workhorse for high output tree and moon lighting because of the soft “cool” light, they produce.  Because Mercury Vapor lights require line voltage and each light is connected to a ballast, installation of these lights were more costly compared to  their low voltage counterparts but at the time, there was often no choice as halogens couldn’t be bright enough and had a different color temperature.  That has all changed now with LED lighting.

Mercury Vapor lights have been phased out and LED lights are the present and future of high output landscape lighting. LED lighting comes in a variety of color temperatures and a wide variety of lighting output from soft to extremely bright lights.

Example of Techlight copper mercury vapor uplight.
Example of Techlight copper mercury vapor uplight.

If you already have existing mercury vapor or halogen lights and your wiring is in good condition, we can replace them with the latest in LED light fixtures using existing wiring.  In some cases  your existing light fixtures are in working condition, we can retrofit them with the proper LED lighting as well to bring them up to date and take advantage of LED lighting.

If you don’t already have any lighting and want us to install high output LED lighting, of course we can install those as well. No matter which method of lighting you choose, Light-Tech inc. is Houston’s landscape lighting installer.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance & Repair

If you already have landscape lighting installed, our licensed electricians can provide you with any of the following maintenance and repairs on both low voltage and line voltage landscape lights. Remember, only licensed electricians should work on 120V lighting.  We will provide you with the following services:

  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical problems – cut or shorted out lines, Replace outdoor outlets, etc.
  • Reset or replace timers, photo cells, and transformers
  • Add additional lights or move lights to new location
  • Rebury exposed lines
  • Re-lamp burned out bulbs and upgrade to LED lighting
  • Clean lenses, Re-aim lights, and do preventive maintenance.

Security Lighting

Security LightingUnlike landscape lighting which is used to highlight your home and add beauty without over-lighting, security lighting is meant to deter would be intruders and cause alert. Security lighting can run all night, ,triggered by a timer,  motion sensor, or a combination of all of the above depending on your needs. If you have a lighting automation system installed, security lights can also be made to flash if your home alarm is engaged and make it easier for emergency personnel to locate your home.