Landscape Lighting provides beauty and Security

landscape lighting
Light-Tech Inc has been installing landscape lighting for decades and has the expertise and tools to safely install tree lighting and up lighting without harming your trees or plants. Landscape lights add beauty and security to your home and now with LED lighting, use very little energy compared to the previous generation of landscape lights. Call us today for an estimate.
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Waterford Crystal Chandelier Installation

At Light-Tech we install fragile crystal chandeliers that other electricians would not dare touch. In this case, it's a beautiful Waterford Crystal Chandelier. When dealing with Crystal chandeliers, we always wear gloves to protect the chandelier from finger prints. As always, we are following social distancing rules.
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Turn your carport into a showroom with 3 inch LED recessed lights

Carport lighting
What sets Light-Tech Inc apart from other electricians in Houston is that we specialize in lighting and lighting improvements. Call us today to design the best lighting for your project from the start to finish. We will work with your carpenter to help plan the job and will be there until it's done. Here is an example of how carport lighting can bring added security and beauty to your house Your personal showroomYour personal showroomRough-inlow profile LED lightsupgrading old lighting ...
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Dimming LED lights can be challenging

Lutron Maestro style dimmer
Lutron Maestro style dimmer LED lights are wonderful. They offer the most energy savings and the promise to last for years. As the quality of lights improves and more people switch to LED lighting however, they are encountering an annoying side-effect: their old dimmer might not be compatible with the new LED bulbs or fixture they installed. The complaints we have heard are many: Lights start flickering when they are dimmed down, don't turn off all the way when the switch is off, buzzi...
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